Trippet Doll #4 Saoirse

Trippet Doll #4 Saiorse

Another art doll in this collection. Her two sisters will be along in the next few days. Saoirse has a bit too much of a liking for champagne (or cava, when times are hard). She really wants to be a florist but bright colours scare her,so her fear of dahlias puts her off getting a proper job. Instead she just sits around watching people, and when you go to bed she minesweeps your leftover fizz….

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4 Responses to Trippet Doll #4 Saoirse

  1. Your dollies make me smile:-). How fun it would be if ours could meet and play, like you said! I would have to accompany them on their vacation to the seaside though, and hope you will make a huge batch of scones and other goodies;-D. Then we could try on jewellery and SHOES – yay! I’m not sure why, but Saiorse and her yet-to-be sisters remind me somehow of ‘The Triplets of Belleville’ by Sylvain Chomet…. rather zany;-D. At least now I know what happens to the leftover wine – must go and tell Dear Hubs that it is dear Saiorse, and definitely not *moi*, who drinks the dregs;-p

    • painterswife says:

      Ha! I’d never heard of the film but just watched the trailer – loved it!. Saiorse is of course responsible for all the missing wine dregs – and her sisters are not much better. I’d better go and make some scones in case of visitors!

  2. gillyh1 says:

    Hi collette, I just wanted to say how much I love Charlottes trippet opera doll, fantastic.

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