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Another year over, and a new one just begun…

And with it a whole new pile of resolutions, plans, good intentions, desires, aims and ambitions. Things to take up, things to give up, new things to learn, old habits to lose, etc. I know that as ever, most of them won’t actually materialise in the way I’d like, but it’s good to have something to aim for (or at), isn’t it? Continue reading


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Short painful lessons

It’s up there with the most horrible feelings I have had the misfortune to experience. More horrible than the car crashes I’ve been in (three to date, and no, I wasn’t the driver in any of them), and almost more … Continue reading

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Bearing up

Some people are nuts about teddy bears, and soft toys in general. Show them a cute looking stuffie and they’re like normal people are when they see fireworks, all ‘Oooooh’ and ‘Ahhhh’ and quickly licking their fingers clean before reaching … Continue reading

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Feline Factions

In the ‘new’ 200 year old house there are four floors, three people, and three cats.  Whilst all of the humans (and one of the cats) are happy to eat together in the kitchen, the other two cats have segregated … Continue reading

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We are the dead

It’s very hard to write anything, and I don’t really know where to start. I am just one of millions of people who felt they lost their oldest and most understanding friend on Sunday 10 January 2016. I first saw … Continue reading

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Cone puppet doll

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The Cottage

In our continuing series of domestic irritations (see Fire, redundancy and broken bones), the next stage turnout out to be giving notice to quit our flat in August this year. To be fair, it was not strictly notice to quit, … Continue reading

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What Would Rara Do (WWRD)

shocked to discover what is going on in Rara’s life – she is one of the kindest people I have ever known. and a great example to follow. I love this post, and hope it makes you think just once … Continue reading

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More drama

I haven’t posted for ages, so it seems. But if it’s any comfort, it’s not just that I haven’t posted here, I haven’t done much on Facebook except for repost other people’s pictures, and I have hardly seen any friends … Continue reading

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Fire, redundancy and broken bones

May 2014 has not been a good month. 1.   I am under threat of redundancy – initially they got it wrong and told me I was redundant, before rescinding it – for now! 2.   I have broken my foot. In … Continue reading

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