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Angry Birds

Originally posted on Stepfordsingles's Blog:
I became a teacher at 29 after years as a copywriter for mindless products,even though the universe had always destined I should work in the toughest of the inner city schools.I am glad I…

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Columbine the second…

Much happier with this one – she’s a bit more edgy and much less princessy. – even looks like she could front a band.

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Columbine #1

Here she is, but not for long. I’m not happy with her – she is too pretty looking – I don’t mind this in her face, but the clothes are a bit too Disney princessy for her to really be … Continue reading

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Gonna get myself together

Listening endlessly to David Bowie albums. Sculpting strange little dolls. Thinking about masks, theatre, and wondering if I am what I think I am. Or maybe I’m something else entirely. Watching myself from the ceiling and wondering what on earth … Continue reading

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Living only in theory

Because we’ve done it – the gallery is now a second hand tool shop (boring), and locks are being changed as I write. We have retreated to the top floor of Ryepress Towers and organised our space into a delicious, … Continue reading

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