Organised chaos

Organised chaos

Well, not actually that organised, to be truthful. You know how you see those pictures of tasteful shabby chic-ly decorated sewing rooms or jewellery making studios, where everything has a place and knows better than to leave it, and it looks as though something fabulous is just waiting to be made by an organised and competent needlewoman? Well, my space is not like that, and it is particularly not like that when I am working in it. The work still gets done though, and I do have a vague idea of which direction to start searching when I want something particular. Also, it has the added bonus of the occasional happy surprise when I find something lovely that I had since forgotten I’d bought/found/acquired. The rest of my home doesn’t look like this, honest. (Well, honest-ish…)

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1 Response to Organised chaos

  1. I can see the organization there. A lot of stuff, but then most work spaces are like that. A corner of my studio looks like that too or did until we piled it full of construction material for the bath. Now it’s not organized chaos, it’s just plain chaos. 🙂

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