‘Not so scary’ spice

rag doll, art doll, floral dress, beaded shoes, sewing, hand made,

Well, I just didn’t think it was right for her to be all over the internet in a see through dress (did I hear you mention pot and kettle? Shh…). So, I made her a more respectable dress, and then by way of apology loaded on quite a lot of bling for a little thing. She also has another layer of hair, although I couldn’t bring myself to cut the first lot, so it is all still rather wild, but hey, I like it that way.

rag doll, shoes, beaded, ribbon

What about the beaded shoes though? I have a teeny tiny shoe fetish myself, so I suppose it’s only natural that it percolates through to the sewing machine  creatures…


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2 Responses to ‘Not so scary’ spice

  1. LOL…adorable. I have a tiny shoe fetish too.

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