What’s gone is gone

2014-01-05 14.26.24

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  1. Your head must hurt after all that thinking. I found myself nodding my head a lot. We were talking about decisions with PF the other day – the fact that once you have closed one door and gone through another, you can spend a lot of time wondering what would have happened if you’d done otherwise. That’s the way PF reasons, and it niggles him all the time to know that there were other options that he will never experience. Such is life -we only have one, and if we feel the need for change, then so be it. “You are not a tree” is an expression I like – if you’re not happy, then change is the answer. It’s not running away, it’s giving yourself a choice to live life rather than just survive. Big hugs xxxx

    • painterswife says:

      That’s a lovely thoughtful response – and I think you are right – life could be very miserable if we weren’t able to extricate ourselves from tough people or situations. I shall not be a tree in 2014! Something weird is going on with my WordPress account at present, so I hope you get this. Your reply came to a post without a number and only holding a picture, but I can see from your reply that you saw all the writing as well. And when your comment came up I couldn’t reply to it through the shortcut but had to go to the dashboard. Anyway, I hope you get this, and thank you again for your comment – which was very helpful to me at present!

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