Fire, redundancy and broken bones

May 2014 has not been a good month.

1.   I am under threat of redundancy – initially they got it wrong and told me I was redundant, before rescinding it – for now!

2.   I have broken my foot. In fact, it has been hurting me on and off for ages but got very painful and swollen at the beginning of May so I gave in and went to A&E where they told me it was broken – and has been for some time. I now have a very attractive velcro boot to hold it all in place and am not allowed to put weight on it. And did I mention the pain?

3.  Big fire in the Old Town which at one point apparently threatened to engulf the whole town. Six neighbours are now homeless, one jumped from two floors up in a burning building and has serious injuries as a result. Several businesses have been closed because the damage is too extensive for the buildings to be safe to use – and yes, of course one of those is the gallery where The Painter is currently showing his work.

We are coming to the conclusion that the gods hate us.

Here’s a picture of some of the damage

Photo: You can see how lucky we were.

Just in case you thought I was making it up!


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8 Responses to Fire, redundancy and broken bones

  1. Bob Shoesmith says:

    At the risk of the ‘misery-loves-company’ syndrome but… threat of redundancy – check (& even if I keep my job it will probably not be worth having), daughter going in for heart surgery on 9th & my hip slowly deteriorating. Must be something in the water, but hey let’s focus on what’s good andd have some laughs

    • painterswife says:

      agreed! I keep thinking about your daughter – I hope she recovers quickly. we all seem to be going through the mill at the moment, I just keep trying to remember that there is always someone worse off – and at the moment they are the people who were living just down the road…

  2. If it’s any comfort, you are not alone – there are periods like that. Sod’s Law/destiny/karma has it in for MM too at the moment. Hang on in there – as you say, you have to remind yourself that there are worse things that happen. The only way is up, baby, la la la la la… Hugs xoxo

    • painterswife says:

      Yes it’s funny how bad or good seem to happen consecutively – I think we are all due some good sometime soon tho! hope things improve for you too. xxx

  3. The Gods might but we don’t if it’s any consolation!! The only way is up! xxx

    • painterswife says:

      It is – oh it is ! so much more than you know. friends and family and the lovely people I get to meet on this journey are what makes it all worthwhile! And that’s two Only Way Is Up references in one post! well impressive!

  4. roma1912 says:

    They say worst things happen at sea, bear this in mind & don’t go near any open water….just in case….I’m sorry the gods are poking you with a stick & jeering you at the moment, surely it can’t last forever, take care & keep your head down xx

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