Angry Birds

I love this, Ceri always looks beyond what’s on the surface, when others often can’t be bothered. Every little person should have a teacher like her.

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I became a teacher at 29 after years as a copywriter for mindless products,even though the universe had always destined I should work in the toughest of the inner city schools.I am glad I listened in the end.

To the small person I only knew for the briefest of time.You are one of many.It doesn’t matter that you are not named here.You are one of the many.

Miss ,will you be my beautiful princess?

Yes I think I shall ,even though you are 5, and have already experienced such dreadful things that many of us wouldn’t know how to deal with.So when you said to me that you hated yourself,that you weren’t good at anything,we had a chat.I said I knew things.You asked why.I said I am old.You said how old.97 I replied.You smiled a cheeky grin.I asked you to make me a car out of stickle bricks.You said I…

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