Start the way you mean to go on…

STICKS AND STONES - Beachscapes limited edition etching by Colin Bailey


Limited edition etching by Colin Bailey –

We are creeping up to the end of January now – and I do mean creeping – January is such a long month, a seemingly endless tunnel of grey days stretching between distant paydays, when you have to somehow find the money to pay off the credit card bills for all those Christmas presents you bought, and for all the ‘little indulgences’ that you (oh so rashly) gave in to over the holidays.  

For once I’m not complaining though. January this year has been good to me. Despite the fact that I have spent most of it (and of December) moving furniture, getting rid of furniture, swapping big furniture for smaller dual-purpose furniture, painting walls, and being really, really strict with myself about what I can keep and what I cannot keep (in order to make space in the flat to accommodate everything from the studio-gallery downstairs), January has been a great month and for once I have been grateful that it has gone on for such a long, long time, as it has given me time to sort everything out.

The flat is now looking habitable again – and more organised than it has ever been. We have space in it for me to make dolls and to sew, and for the Painter to paint and to etch, so the nightmare image of us entertaining the neighbourhood with our rows over working space is beginning to recede (a bit).

Also we have been reminded over the last couple of months just what a wonderful supportive community we live in here in Hastings. The first thing that happened was that one of the other gallery owners – Jon Wilhelm of The Rebel Gallery –  invited the Painter to put some work into his gallery. This was followed by an offer of studio space in their home from someone who collects the Painter’s work.

A little bit later, the owner of Warp and Weft, (very possibly the most stylish vintage shop in the universe), came into the gallery and bought one of my  Pierrot dolls. She also offered to house them for sale in her shop when our gallery closes, and she and I are going to be working together on a doll-related art project.

So the overwhelming feelings of depression and not-knowing-what-to-do-next have lifted. We are communicating with each other again (without shouting – always a plus), and actually looking forward to 2014.  We are both still a little nervous about having to make a living without the gallery, but we are hopeful again and much less prickly with each other – thank heavens – because for a  while back there I was wondering if I would have to change the title of my blog…

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16 Responses to Start the way you mean to go on…

  1. you are a wonderful wordsmith xxx

  2. Hope you have a good 2014

  3. Naomi Walsh says:

    Loved hearing your version of January, a month I usually dread, and found your story very entertaining and somehow soothing!

    • painterswife says:

      Well it’s nearly over now – so hopefully February will be a short hop into spring – I think we all deserve some sunshine, don’t you?

      • Naomi Walsh says:

        Definatly, all the storms have blown the last traces of last year’s sun off our faces n pale skin is looking tired. A quick blast of snow n straight into spring would do me just fine!

      • Naomi Walsh says:

        We really do, I feel like all those storms washed away any traces of last years sunshine from my face and has left behind a pale ghost of my summer self! And now that the years are starting to slip away…(I’ve just turned 36 at the beginning of the month) my skin is starting to disappoint me. So bring on the summer sun!

  4. I’m full of admiration at the fact that you eliminated stuff. I always find that a really difficult thing to do. Definitely a bit of a hoarder here. And doing it in January. I can barely move until Spring comes to tackle things like this. But you sound as if you’re all organised and a marriage saved. 🙂 x

    • painterswife says:

      Here’s hoping! I’m not always organised – but out of necessity this time it had to happen. Thank you for commenting – I found your blog recently and absolutely love it!

  5. Yeah! I’m really happy that things are working out happily. We often find out how much we can count on people when the going gets tough (gosh, I’m going to start singing). Your dolls are fabulous – they are unique and beautiful and there’s a successful market for them, I’m convinced. I’m not a doll person but when I saw them I did a double somersault – they “speak” in a way I’ve never seen before (no, I’m not losing the plot, honest). Keep that morale boosted and sock it to life, Missus 🙂 Hugs xxx

    • painterswife says:

      How lovely are you? Thank you for such a wonderful comment – you’ve made me feel SO happy! I am really positive about 2014, and going to work like a mad thing to make stuff happen – and thank you again for such a lovely, positive, cheerful comment!

  6. sandra says:

    Well said Mrs Painter….sounds like a door closed and a window opened! Onward 2014…:)

  7. roma1912 says:

    Just look how far you have come, what you have received from your community is exactly what you have put in. I wish you & Mr Painter all the best in making 2014 your year 🙂

  8. Naomi Walsh says:

    Ooh sorry didn’t realise the first comment actually sent!

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