The incredible shrinking island

We have been battered by storms and high winds for the last few weeks here in the UK, and today our little island got a little bit smaller as a bit chunk of my local coastline crashed into the sea. Here is a link to a BBC video of the event.

It is quite impressive. This is a coastline rich in fossils – we have dinosaur footprints in the rocks at the bottom of those cliffs. I expect a few fossils have been uncovered, and as soon as this weather calms down a bit and things down along the road there seem a little safer, I shall go exploring.


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2 Responses to The incredible shrinking island

  1. Jackie Saulmon Ramirez says:

    That’s pretty amazing. I grew up on an island off North Carolina and after storms I always found pipe stems, paint bowls, etc. It was the most fun.

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