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There were a couple of things on my list to get done last year that I didn’t manage. Well, to be honest, more than a couple, but being menopausal I have thankfully forgotten most of them. One that was hanging over me like the sword of Damocles was to open an Etsy shop. And guess what (pause for drum roll) – I feel that a round of applause wouldn’t be out of place just now, because I have just managed that small achievement – pretty much at the eleventh hour, so far as achievements of the year go, but hey, it’s done!

There is only one doll in the shop at the moment – the little Pierrot I posted on here yesterday. I’m hoping to add more over the next few weeks, in between moving the paintings and other stuff out of the gallery. If you have a free moment (and your fingers are not too tired), perhaps you could clink on the link to the shop – I want to see the stats go up a little bit as so far I am the only one who has been there! I’m not asking you to buy the doll, but a visit would be lovely!

If anyone has any useful information about how to publicize an Etsy shop, or any Etsy related experiences they would be happy to share, I would be hugely grateful – this is an area in which I have no previous experience at all – am hoping for a gentle learning curve rather than a huge struggle!

Anyway, here’s the link (hopefully) and now I’m going back over there to sit and watch the stats page…

Trippet Castle Dolls on Etsy




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9 Responses to Etsy Bitsy

  1. roma1912 says:

    Hi there, I’m a newbie to Etsy, have no idea what I’m doing so can hardly offer you any advice but want to give you my support anyway.Congratulations on trying something new, I’ve been over to your shop so your stats should have gone up by 1. 😀 good luck

    • painterswife says:

      Thank you Roma1912! I have checked your blog out and love it. Maybe we can help each other out with any nuggets of Etsy information we uncover? Nice to meet you!

      • roma1912 says:

        Thanks for stopping by my blog, how kind of you, one piece of advice for Etsy, get as much in your shop as possible, apparently if you have 10 items or more it’s easier for folks to find you,

      • painterswife says:

        Okay I’ll try to do that! Thanks for the advice – I will have to get the camera out and photograph the dolls I have left. We have had a gallery in Hastings for the last five years, and we are closing it over the next couple of weeks as it is no longer viable, hence the move to Etsy. There seems to be so much to do at the moment, with moving the stuff and starting over online and I’m so grateful for your help and interest – tough times and support from other bloggers and artists is invaluable! If I find out any little gems of info I will be sure to pass them on to you!

      • roma1912 says:

        Sorry to hear about the gallery closing, just remember as one door closes another opens, wishing you all the best

  2. Kate says:

    Congrats on opening your Etsy store but I’m sad to hear about your gallery closing. I hope your new venture brings you success in 2014 🙂 x

  3. I just “favorited” your Etsy shop 🙂

    I’m certainly not an Etsy expert but I can offer a little bit of advice. You’re already doing the right thing and getting the word out that you have a shop–tell everyone everywhere! You may know this already, but the next easiest thing to do is cruise around Etsy and find shops and items that you like and favorite them. They’ll get a message and they’ll probably check you out and may favorite you also. If you find people who seem really cool, you can “follow” them (it’s sort of like stalking in a good way) and see everything that they favorite and find more interesting items and shops that way. So, it becomes a big web and it’s a major way people find shops they like. Also, it is sort of diabolical because you find yourself shopping in order to network. That’s how I end up buying more than I sell… I’ve only sold 2 items through Etsy but people get confidence about the quality of the work and that I’m stable based on the shop. So even if you don’t rack up big sales, it is a good thing to have a shop and could result in commissions.

    Good luck!!!

    • painterswife says:

      Thanks for that Robbin – I thought I would be able to get started on it properly this month, but am in such chaos from all the moving that it realistically won’t happen now until February – but I will take on board all that you’ve said and see if I can make a go of it. Will try and find your shop and favourite you too. It’s so valuable to be able to learn from other people’s experience!

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