The Bedraggled of Trippet Castle

The Bedraggled


These are a tribe of Lost Dolls – over the years they have been accidentally left outside the castle walls in the surrounding park land or on the small almost-forgotten beach, during picnics or trips out, or sometimes just on the way in or out of the castle.

They have banded together and learned to embrace their new surroundings, becoming so feral and wild that their more glamorous  indoor sisters would never recognise them.

They live in harmony with nature, learning the languages of the various insects. This is a great deal harder than you might think. Beetles, in particular have a vast vocabulary and a large number of dialects, depending on the patterns on their carapace.

This is Anksh – named for her initial anxiety and nervousness at finding herself in the Wild (as they call the castle parklands). She speaks fluent Spider and spends a lot of time caring for chrysalises to ensure a constant population of butterflies in the park.

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5 Responses to The Bedraggled of Trippet Castle

  1. She sounds like my kind of doll; so to speak. I speak spider, too. I’m glad you’re back, I was wondering if the wild dolls had taken you hostage 🙂

  2. Your dolls are AMAZING! Out of curiosity, what are they made of? How does someone learn to speak Spider? I’d love to master this language! Very nicely done 🙂

  3. Your doll stories are as enchanting as the little ladies.. Simply lovely. 🙂

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