More goings on at Trippet Castle

I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately – but trust me, I’ve been busy. A very lovely lady and her handsome husband paid the Ryepress Gallery a little visit a few weekends back – and they really gelled with the Trippet Castle dolls – so much so that they took five (yes, FIVE) home with them! Now, although I was delighted for the girls and the ghosts that they found such a lovely home and were so speedily adopted, it did leave quite a gap for me to fill in terms of more dolls for the gallery. So I have been a busy bee working on the next generation.

In addition, I finished my first commissioned doll, for a rather talented young opera singer’s birthday (which is today, hence me not being able to post about this doll before now). I had instructions that the doll needed blond curly hair, blue eyes, a blue dress, and a smile. The hair, eyes and dress I could manage – but, as you can probably tell, my girls are not particularly smiley – in fact they have been described by a friend as looking ‘rather disapproving’. I did eventually manage to coax a small ‘Mona Lisa’ smile out of her, but it took some work, trust me!

Here are a couple of pics and you can make up your own mind as to whether you think she is smiling or not.


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8 Responses to More goings on at Trippet Castle

  1. A small smile, but yes, it’s there. πŸ™‚

  2. Angela says:


  3. Colette, I was just about to blog about my beautiful trippet art doll my parents adopted from you, she is fabulous and has pride of place in my living room wall unit. I am so so pleased with her, just think this just from mentioning to my Mum to take a look at your blog and your lovely unique dolls.

    Thank you so much for your personal birthday card and gift I am truly thrilled.
    Charlotte x

  4. PS MacMurray says:

    Yes. Quite elegant, with a reserved smile. Composure is important for an opera diva. You’ve captured this beautifully. I am certain the birthday diva was delighted.

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  6. Anna says:

    A fabulously miserable young Diva! Smiling through gritted teeth, I’d say.

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