Home made Lavender and Rose cool mist spray

2013-07-22 19.13.13

Well I don’t know about where you are at the moment, but today has been the hottest day in the south east of England for seven years. Instead of laying in a greasy puddle on the sofa (and with the full knowledge that I have to work in an office tomorrow with no aircon and no fans) I decided to do something useful about the situation.

I always have lots of spray misters in the flat – I bought some new ones a while ago, and I also save all the ones that come with something in them, so that I can recycle them.

One of my favourite uses for them is to make a room spray – it’s ridiculously cheap and easy to do, and so you don’t mind being really, really generous with the spray. Also, because there are no dodgy chemicals, you can use it on your clothing and on linens if you wish – I always spray the pillow with a lavender spray before I go to bed, and in this hot weather when we get up in the morning, I turn back the sheets and give them a spritz to freshen them up. I highly recommend it!

I thought I would make one that I could spray on me, to take to work with me tomorrow, in the hope that it will help to keep me cool. See the pretty pic up there? Well that’s it.

The two recipes I use are:

For the linen spray –

  • one spray bottle (mine is 100ml)
  • tap water or mineral water if you prefer
  • lavender essential oil
  • vodka

Put about a quarter of a capful of voddie in the bottom of your spray bottle.

Add a few drops of essential oil – (I like lavender but you can of course use anything you like, and I usually use about ten drops)

Top up with water.

And there you go – give it a good shake to mix everything together – the purpose of the voddie is to allow the oil and water to emulsify. Then walk around the house spritzing everything in sight! I have never had any problems with this on any fabric in the flat – but if you are worried, just test a little area where it won’t be seen if it eats away your furniture!

For the body spritz –

  • one spray bottle
  • aromatic essential oil of your choice
  • vodka
  • rose water

The rose water is what gives it the pretty pink colour (the other one is of course just clear)

Mix all the ingredients exactly as above, using the rose water in place of the mineral or tap water, and maybe use a tad less vodka (keep the rest for drinking). Shake well before use, and then apply liberally whenever you want a cooling mist! I am keeping mine in the fridge at the moment, but when I’m at work I think it will do just fine on the desk – although I may pop an ice cube in it before I go in, just to help it along.

I have been using this all afternoon – and I am wearing a white cotton skirt – it hasn’t stained the skirt at all – but if you have any worries about stained clothing, please try it out on a hidden bit first.

2013-07-22 17.25.02

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3 Responses to Home made Lavender and Rose cool mist spray

  1. rarasaur says:

    How awesome! 🙂 I’ve pinned it and hopefully when get a chance to try it out soon. 🙂

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