Yohoho and all that jazz

The Painter – outside the gallery and all gussied up for Pirate Day. He decided that he didn’t want to be just another run of the mill pirate – there were several thousand of them in town already today – and so in order to stand out from the crowd he opted for Pirate Ship’s Surgeon instead. I made the apron for him and he made the tools and the arm out of cardboard, and then had a lot of fun covering everything in red paint. It seemed to hit a nerve (sorry!) as at one point there was actually a queue forming for people to have their photo taken with him. And quite a lot of small children hiding behind their mother’s voluminous pirate skirts…

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4 Responses to Yohoho and all that jazz

  1. YOu two have missed your calling- you should be making stage props 😀 Brilliant!!!

  2. carolinelarnach says:

    Awfully fantastic …x

  3. Very cool. That hand is a little too real looking. Awesome job. I love costumes and any occasion to wear one. But I sure wouldn’t want to get sick or need surgery on board any ship where he is surgeon. LOL.

    • painterswife says:

      You should come to Hastings – it must be the world centre for dressing up – people here dress up at any excuse at all and a lot of them dress up on a daily basis with absolutely no reason other than they want to make a statement. It’s a mad little town, but I love it.

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