Talking ’bout Monroe and walking on Snow White, New York’s a go-go and everything tastes right…

SO theatrical! Hangs about in the wings at every opportunity, dressing up in the cast off scraps she scavenges in the costume department. Her ambition is to make it onto screen as a prop. Can’t keep her jewellery straight and keeps running away to The Stables Theatre…

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7 Responses to Yseult

  1. So creative! Love the brief and dynamic personality description. Thank you for stopping by our blog! Have a great week. Salutations to Yseult. The name fits her perfectly.

  2. Hello! I am impressed by your talent. I always hated dolls when i was little- I was even kicked out of playschool for decapitating them. Your dolls are a refreshing change to the barbies and true-to-life babies that are churned out by manufacturers. I love the expressions on their faces!

    • painterswife says:

      Hi – I had my reservations about them when I was small too – but I don’t remember ever decapitating one! The Painter, however, laboriously made an airship, and issued tickets for all his sister’s dolls, and was in the process of boarding them when his mother caught on to what was happening – he was making the Hindenburg and they were all about to come to a very grisly end! Fortunately (?) his mother stopped him just in time – I think his sister would have been emotionally scarred for life! Thank you for visiting – I’ll be round to your place again!

  3. Karyl says:

    Wow, you make cool dolls. thanks for following my blog!

  4. Another addition to your theatrical troupe – they really are wonderful, you get so much personality out of each one! Love their clothes… Their aura… They just make me smile as I imagine their chat and attitude ;-D

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