I have both no excuse and every excuse for not posting for so many weeks. It gets to the point where you feel nervous about posting, just because you haven’t done it for so long. And with a relatively new blog like mine I just think I will have to go back to the beginning again and make connections with people all over again, and to be honest, that thought has just been too much on top of everything else.

However, today I have summoned up the courage to post and see if there is still anyone out there or if I have to start over. I am writing this from bed at 2.20 in the afternoon, because I have spent most of the last 12 hours being violently sick with food poisoning, I desperately want to watch the David Bowie documentary that was on last night, but which I missed because we had a long, long power cut. The documentary is on the iPlayer but I think that watching it now would just induce more nausea – even this plain white screen is hurting my eyes at the moment.

So today I have no excuse and am getting on with posting, but I warn you, it may ramble a bit.

I see one of my last posts was extolling the virtues of my spin dryer. Needless to say it broke on me almost the day after I wrote that post, filling my bathroom with smoke and causing a maddening exchange between me and the Painter on the internal phone system.

Me (screaming): Fire extinguisher. Upstairs. Now.

Painter: Fishfingers? Where? How? What?

Me (even louder): Fire extinguisher. Upstairs. NOW!

Painter – well to be fair he didn’t say anything, just thundered up the stairs carrying the fire extinguisher, bless him.

The company were helpful and sent me a new spin dryer, free of charge, but that took more than a week to arrive and by then there was a mountain of handwashing waiting to be done and almost no clean clothes for us to be seen in.

So, that was the first thing.

The second thing was an avalanche of work which suddenly poured in for me and which lasted about a month. All of it had to hit deadlines and meant that I did little else but type all day and all evening, at the end of which my hands and wrists were so painful that I couldn’t bear the thought of posting.

The third, final and most distressing thing was that my favourite uncle was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. It doesn’t help that he lives at the other end of the country from us (‘us’ being most of the rest of the family), so it is hard to be as hands-on supportive as we would like to be. I can’t hope to explain how badly we feel for him. This is such a cruel disease and it is the second nervous disease to be diagnosed in our family recently, the other being Parkinsons. The more senior members of the clan here bravely undertook a 12 hour road trip to go and visit him. I’m on the rota for the next one in a few weeks’ time. All I can think about is how kind and generous this man was with his time when my sister, cousins and I were growing up. He sent us presents from every country he visited, he took us on trips to London, to see the sites, when we were really probably too small to appreciate all the effort he put in. As I said, favourite uncle. So I have spent a lot of time reading up on this miserable thieving disease, in the vague hope that it will in some way help if I know something about what we are dealing with.

Life is hard.

To distract myself I have also been working on a new creative project. I will post pics soon (provided I can make it out of bed and into the studio).


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