Letting things slide…

I know I’ve been very remiss about my poor ignored blog lately. I do have some excuse, partly I was with Mum for the weekend after celebrating her birthday recently, and partly I have had a lot of work to do from home. I am now about to indulge myself with a hot shower, hot dinner, and then curl up with my hot Painter on the sofa and watch Angel on Lovefilm. Did I mention I have a thing about vampires? Sadly not only do I have a thing about them, but I am almost totally indiscriminate about them too, I don’t care if it’s the original Nosferatu, or Angel, or Frank Langella from the 1970’s (see pic), if there’s anything vampire related I just HAVE to watch it! With one notable exception (I did say ‘almost totally indiscriminate’). I draw the line at the Twiglet series (yes, that’s deliberate) Imageof movies. Terrible acting and they are all far too young to be sexy to a (considerably) older girl like I! Give ’em another 20 years and they might be more interesting – however by that time I will be drawing my pension – if they still have pensions by then…

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4 Responses to Letting things slide…

  1. thesaucypescatarian says:

    I draw the line at Twiglet too.. 😉

  2. We all get busy. Just reading all the blogs I follow each day takes up a large amount of time, so my own blog suffers. Oh well… 🙂 Yeah, I agree with the Twiglet thing. Great for the tweens I guess.

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