No, not another doll post, but I thought I would put up a picture of the silver and pearl heart pendant I have just made for my beloved (and long suffering) mother’s birthday. Now, before you all go silly over how brilliant it is – please note it is not my design. The design is by an extremely talented lady, Nicole Hanna, whose work is well worth a look.

The snow that arrived so prettily today may just possibly get in the way of me getting to London on Thursday for Mum’s birthday. Of course I have bought her gifts already (a Spanish style solar powered water feature for the garden (in the hope that summer will eventually come) and a big fluffy bathrobe (in case it doesn’t, ever). However, neither of these can be popped in the post. So, in case of the inclement weather continuing, I thought I would send a little something, just to keep her happy and let her know I’m thinking of her, until I can get there with the big stuff. This is where the talented Nicole Hanna comes in. I make and design my own jewellery, but the only designs I have which are delicate enough for my mother to like, she already has. I saw this tutorial on tonight. Downloaded it and made a copper version first to test it for size and looks, and then made it again in silver, with only a few adjustments. It’s tiny, slightly less than 2 cm.  I think it’s very pretty and very delicate and Mum will love it. Stand up Nicole Hanna and take a bow!

2013-03-11 22.17.43

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3 Responses to MaMa

  1. Lovely work, I am sure your mum will love it!

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