Frozen wastes (and waists)

So ‘they’ are predicting more snow and bitterly cold weather for the UK – this was gleefully announced to me at work yesterday by someone who enjoys being the bearer of bad tidings (the boss).  And guess what? I arrived home yesterday evening to find the boiler has finally given up the ghost. So, no heating, no hot water. There is no other means of heating the flat (I would love a real fire, but the fireplaces were blocked up about 70 years ago – this used to be an auction house).  I have had to get the Painter to lift the big old friendly stockpot down off the cupboard top and fill it with water so I can keep it simmering on the hob so that I can at least wash the most essential things (ie, us and things to eat off or cook with). On the plus side, in order to keep warm I am going to have to throw myself into some housework – a rare occurrence indeed as I can usually find something more interesting to do than cleaning – so by the end of the weekend the house may be freezing, but it should also be sparkling. I may even get all proud and post pics!

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2 Responses to Frozen wastes (and waists)

  1. Would love to see the pics….LOL. Nothing wrong with a little pride.

    • painterswife says:

      Do you know what – I’m nearly sorry I started on the cleaning – it’s EXHAUSTING. No wonder I don’t do it too often. How silly of me to start on the craft room though. All my good intentions have resulted in even more chaos than before – although I have uncovered so much stuff that I have resolved not to buy anything sewing or jewellery related for the rest of the year – so in the long run it might save me some money. I have given up now, and am heading to the (clean) kitchen to cook spag bol for dinner, with an apple pie to follow. I’ll tackle the craft room again tomorrow – and then maybe, just maybe, there will be pictures… (fingers crossed).

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