Make what you can, with what you have, in the place that you are, in the time you have available

I found this quote a few months back on the interweb thingy, and it seems so appropriate for the way I’m living now. Being an artist (or an artist’s wife) in this economic climate is anything but easy – however, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your situation. I am starting this blog to remind me about all the wonderful little things that make me happy every day, and take away some of the stress and worry about the big things, which are usually unpleasant, and generally very difficult to change! We live on the south coast of England, scraping a living through creative means and part time working, we can hear the sea from our flat, and be on the beach in  less than two minutes – which makes up for almost any amount of monetary problems! Today I was going to start a quilt from scraps for our bedroom. Unfortunately, it has taken me ages to get this blog started (and I still can’t find my camera lead to upload new pictures), so the quilt will have to wait until tomorrow. C’est la vie – I shall make an apple pie instead!

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